Delivery Information

Express Transport

The default courier company of Bktic website: DHL, UPS, Fedex, EMS, SF Express, etc.

The shipping method is chosen by the customer: you can choose the shipping fee when you place the order, or you can include the shipping cost in the order when you place the order.

In addition, if you are ready to purchase a variety of components in Bktic website, please put the product into the shopping cart first, and wait for you to choose the product and then pay together, saving you valuable time and shipping costs.


Delivery Inspection

What issues should I pay attention to when signing items?

1. door-to-door, cash on delivery order: When the courier delivers the goods to the door, please be sure to check the outer packaging of the goods face to face. If the outer packaging is damaged, please do not sign and contact my mall customer service staff. Once you confirm the signature, if you find that the item has been damaged after unpacking, then the responsibility of the courier will be quite passive.

2. After the delivery is delivered to the door, please unpack the package on the spot for a simple check. Look at the goods for obvious deformation and damage. If you have any questions, please do not sign and contact my mall customer service staff.

Special Tip:
If your order is paid with a coupon and the amount of the returned item is greater than the actual amount paid, it will be refunded according to the actual payment amount.
If your order contains a gift, you will not be able to provide this service;
If it's a kit, you can only return the entire set.
If it's a bundled item, you'll need to return the item along with the item.